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Dimitar ~ Twistty's Introduction

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With this post I am here to introduce myself a bit to this commynity. Let me start by telling something abot myself, who I am, where I live, my personality and what my goals are in my live. My name is Dimitar Georgiev. I am 15 years old and living with my mother in Bulgaria. I am studying "Car Assembly". I am friendly, but calm person in real-life. I firstly think about the things I do before I act. I am someone who realy cares and thinks about the people I'm surrounded with. I am a creative minded person and I like to express that creativity by expirimenting with somethings.

Let me introduce you about my MTA career now, in a short recap. My MTA career started approximately 5 years ago in a freeroam server. I believe a lot of people who are known in MTA used to play there and I moved to DayZ server. After it, I came across FFS, therefore I started playing here, I like this server very much, because I find it wonderful and interesting. Besides, I am always willing to help players, which makes me happy and my stay useful. This year I started playing outside FFS. I went into a couple of clans, but things did not work, I created a clan a month ago, but I closed it because everyone starts roaring and justifying why we've lost a few clan wars... My main gamemode I would say is Derby. I am playing DM OS and Shooter for fun.

I hope I mentioned enought about myself to get to know the person behind the nickname "Twistty" and I hope you to meet every single one of you in-game any time soon and get to know eachother better.


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Hey Twistty,

Welcome to the UP Community

Have a great time here!




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