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Rasque's Join Request!

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Introduce yourself:

My real name is Patrik, in game name is Rasque/RyseN. I'm 16 years old. I live in Hungary, in a small vilage. My hobby is motoring and football.

Your MTA history: 

I started MTA in 2013. First, I found some gamemods, DD,DM,RACE. I started playing "RACE" gamemode first, but after a month it was boring. Then come the "DD" gamemode, I spent a little more time, but I got bored three months later. Then i found my gamemode "DM". I started playing Hungarian DM server, I've been here for a few years. Once I went up to a so-called Xtreme pro Racers server, I've taken a few years here too. I used to go to the ffs server lately.

Have you ever been in any other clans?:

  • -AG- Anarchys Galaxy (member)
  • MxP// Monday xeanon Problem (member)
  • -fts- Fuck The System (member)
  • /AiR\ Awesome in Races (member)
  • Sc* Skillers Crew (member)

Why should we choose you?:

I can help the clan war, because I think that with my DM knowledge I cloud win many clan wars.

How can we contact you?:

Email: [email protected]


Special skills:


Thank you for reading my Join Request! Have a nice day! :18_kissing_heart::18_kissing_heart:







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