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Danteh's Join Request

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1. Introduce yourself: 

My nickname is Danteh, I'm 18 years old and I live in Ankara / Turkey. My hobbies are basketball, football and pc games.

2. Your MTA history: 

I started to playing MTA in 2011, on a freeroam server named Turkish Drift Acells (TDA). I played there 3 years. After 3 years that server closed and I went to find a new server. I found TG in 2014, I spent my 9-10 months there and I had to leave from MTA because of my real life problems. I came back MTA in 2015 and I didn't want to play TG after a long time, I had to find a new server. I found the server named FFS and where I'm still playing. I'm playing Alpha WFF / OS and Shooter.

3. Have you ever been in any other clans?: 

I have been in this clans in FFS;
Fucking_Xtreme (Left)
Essence-of-Speed (Current)

4. Why should we choose you?: 

First of all I'm not full skilled at Alpha. I want to improve my skills at DM and I think this clan fit for me, members will help me to improve my skills and I will become better player. I'm trustworthy and respectful person. 

5. How can we contact you?: 

Skype: dantehmta

*6. Special skills: 

 I don't have any special skills, sorry. 

Thanks for reading, sincerely.

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Sincere jr,but good,good luck dude!:6_smile:

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