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                                                                        Join Request xBuRn

Name : Matheus Da Silva

Nick : xBuRn 

Age : 14 

Location : Brazilian,Santa Catarina,Fraiburgo

History MTA : 

I started to play MTA in 2016,2017, I met the first DM server, That was Brazil Vida Zika, And then I liked playing on servers like that, I was training ... And I joined some clans,

Today the bvz Brasil Vida Zika and closed, So today I train in tff and FFS Gaming, And I play in Brazil Racing ..

Have your ever been in any other clans ? (if yes, name them and say why you left) :

sG: Scorpions Gaming: I was a member, plus the clan ended up closing

| DG | : I left the clan because they left behind a lot of falsehood ...

-WcW-: With That Control You Win: I was kicked out of the clan, Why I had problems with my PC, and when I went to enter again the clan ended up closing

TS //: The shield Of Empire: I joined the clan but the clan closed in a short time, 2 weeks

* ht //: Imperial Hunter: It's a clan type of shot, Mais is also a clan in the DM, I quit the clan because it was closed, now it reopened these days

Why should we choose you?: (tell us how you would be usefull for us, what are you good at) : 

I wanted to be chosen by you because I have many friends in the clan, And I could help in the clan war, Also in the server, in the wff, In what you ask I help! :)

 How can we contact you?: 

You can contact me at Discord: CrowlleY # 5052
Or at WhatsApp: +55 49 88966941

 Special skills: If you have some special skills then don't forget to let us know (f.e. WFF player, Hunter player, Designer, Web Master, Tournament organizer etc. and inform us about your achievements/show us your work): 

My work is on Youtube: Crowlley MTA I record drifting videos, but I can also help with what you ask, I know how to organize WFF, I can help in the clan forum and server ...

                                                                     The End! 

                                   Like In my videos ! :v subscrive In Crowlley MTA Please ! xD BB all !  

I Love You ! 


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Good Luck Bro :3

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