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               if_Fire_116853.png.350e81a31d8ce8d9192c3561491d5cb2.png            Introduce yourself:              if_Fire_116853.png.350e81a31d8ce8d9192c3561491d5cb2.png   

My name is Akim, also known as Tick, I live in Bahia-Salvador and I'm 16 years old. and I really wanted to live in Italy


if_23_Page_Rank_Badge_1688850.png.09477aaf1e5273c7f85ea1226edb0a37.png    Your MTA history:         if_23_Page_Rank_Badge_1688850.png.09477aaf1e5273c7f85ea1226edb0a37.png


I played mta when I was exactly 13 years old, I only knew the freeroam at the time, I woke up I was already going to play pc, it was my passion at that moment .. Years passed and I was 14 years old, it's from a search on youtube I ended up knowing the mta: dm a passion at first sight, started playing old school, I did not feel like playing Alpha I thought that was not my branch, then a beautiful day was to test ... it was a love ... I met several friends new, new things that I did not know, I met new servers, I met several new maps, but as I am human I lost the will to play mta, because I had studies and so on. Until next year when I turned 15 I came back to play, it's until now. Thanks to all my friends <3



if_Pokemon_Go-11_1320030.png.ecee7c58cc3732c52a50b1486ad43e6a.png   Have you ever been in any other clans?:  if_Pokemon_Go-11_1320030.png.ecee7c58cc3732c52a50b1486ad43e6a.png


iSG| - Insane Style Gamers ~ Member | Left

~|SwC - Skills Without Control ~ Member | Closed

iW// - Iron Will ~ Member | Left

[XF] - xTreme Force ~ Member | Closed



if_business-work_7_2377640.png.49335760f71dc878133a3d25ff4b32bc.png     Why should we choose you?:  if_business-work_7_2377640.png.49335760f71dc878133a3d25ff4b32bc.png

I really like to help, I can help the way I can, being script, mapper, html, etc. Answering questions in the forum is etc.

I'm good at decorating maps xd

if_heart_1814104.png.759ec5f5ebb9035467a2d895ada922aa.png How can we contact you?: if_heart_1814104.png.759ec5f5ebb9035467a2d895ada922aa.png

                   if_skype_circle_color_107179.png.4be8faae6d7d9b1abaf5ab606203efaf.png~ I do not have skype

if_square-facebook_317727.png.e919c344bc373f927db2cd9311322940.png Kiim Gomes

if_youtube_317714.png.0595024cfb32c5c09b04f5111b4d9ec1.png Tick Record's

if_discord_2308078.png.552a642aba8df75e612168d2d9c5d82b.png Tickii#6682




Special skills: 

I like playing hunter too.

I'm a beginner in this Design business, you know?

I also know how to run a forum.

I know how to do WFF events and so on.

My works






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Tick ©




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Good Luck My GirlFriend <3

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