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declined BlacK's JR DD

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1. Introduce yourself: My name is Yusuf , im 19 years old , im from Azerbaijan,Baku, my nicknames in game : Neocortex,MooN.

2. Your MTA history: i was first play turkish freeroam servers and next i saw dd server and i think it will be interest and i keep playing DD.

3. Have you ever been in any other clans?: [MG] - Left, [ND] - Kick , [HSS] - Kick , -Hs- - Closed , wF| - Closed , [Story] - Left , [SS] - Left , -mLC - Left , [EP] - Kicked , nRu// - Left , [NFS] - Left , [AL] - Closed

4. Why should we choose you?: i think i good playing dd can help on cw's.

5. How can we contact you?: My skype is yusif.rehmanzade.

6. Special skills: i can't do anything but i can make weebly web :d

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