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Hello, if you are planning to apply for us with an join request , you need to know few things. First of all, we are looking for mature people with good english knowledge. If your join request contains many grammar mistakes your chances to join are much lower (that means english is the only acceptable language). Secondly, we are accepting only our template - in case of using another one, your join request will get declined.

New if there's have white things on your join request, will be convert to standard format and white things (errors/bugs) will be corrected.


1. Introduce yourself:

(Your In-Game nickname, age, location, what's your hobby, e.g: games, fishing, etc. )

2. Your MTA history:

(remember that the longest history does not have to be the best, tell us only about the things we should know)

3. Have you ever been in any other clans?:

(if yes, name them and say why you left)

4. Why should we choose you?:

(tell us how you would be useful for us, what are you good at)

5. How can we contact you?:


*6. Special skills:

If you have some special skills then don't forget to let us know (f.e WFF Hunter DM Player, Designer, Web Master, Tournament organizer etc. and inform us about your achievements/show us your work)



The UP Administrator Team, are wishing you best of luck ! upic.png.6d74b72f82346655e97fb3dd5ee55558.png


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