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  1. Well,it's time to talk about myself,my real name is Bráz,Nickname OnweD,(CheetoS -old nick),i'm live in Brazil specifically in Ouro Preto - Minas Gerais,i'm have 18 years old,i'm do not have specific hobbies,but u can considerer something like football,gym,whatever,i'm a very friendly person,this is it :b My mta carrer: Start in 2012/2013,as many,in freeroam sv,playing with my friend,later,4 or 5 months,we finds a new server and we started playing only on that server,called Twisted Gamers ( -|TG|- ),playing only fun,race,shooter/capture the frag,a few months later,we decided to play DM/OS because a lot of people in server were playing,and in 2015,we started playing DM,finally and i'm playing until today About the clans: [XP] Xtreme Players,it was a clan where i did not have so many friends,i did not talk to everyone,and when some people left,it made me want left. GzK\ Grizfolk Gaming,was a clan more than friends,where i stayed a long time and made me continue playing even wanting to stop playing,this same clan,changed several times,to |FR| Furious Racing,'7s Seven Seal's NbD:// Never Back Down,i do not have much to talk about,bcs the clan closed fast,but it had a good interaction with the members uP! United Players,i do not remember anything of this,because i had a quick experience with the clan [Bw] Brothers World,was a great clanan opportunity to help the server,the team,and also interaction with the members were great [XF] xTreme Forces,the same thing about bw,went with xf,i had enough space in the 2 times,went through it and was amazing /AiR\ Awesome in Races,one of the clans where i stayed longer,and it allowed me to meet some peoples from past clans,besides that most of this clan,i created a great friendship ,it was incredible My ready maps I did because i have nothing better to do now,so :b OnweD / CheetoS