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Found 2 results

  1. Introduce yourself: My name is Akim, also known as Tick, I live in Bahia-Salvador and I'm 16 years old. and I really wanted to live in Italy Your MTA history: I played mta when I was exactly 13 years old, I only knew the freeroam at the time, I woke up I was already going to play pc, it was my passion at that moment .. Years passed and I was 14 years old, it's from a search on youtube I ended up knowing the mta: dm a passion at first sight, started playing old school, I did not feel like playing Alpha I thought that was not my branch, then a beautiful day was to test ... it was a love ... I met several friends new, new things that I did not know, I met new servers, I met several new maps, but as I am human I lost the will to play mta, because I had studies and so on. Until next year when I turned 15 I came back to play, it's until now. Thanks to all my friends <3 Have you ever been in any other clans?: iSG| - Insane Style Gamers ~ Member | Left ~|SwC - Skills Without Control ~ Member | Closed iW// - Iron Will ~ Member | Left [XF] - xTreme Force ~ Member | Closed Why should we choose you?: I really like to help, I can help the way I can, being script, mapper, html, etc. Answering questions in the forum is etc. I'm good at decorating maps xd How can we contact you?: ~ I do not have skype ~ Kiim Gomes ~ Tick Record's ~ Tickii#6682 Special skills: I like playing hunter too. I'm a beginner in this Design business, you know? I also know how to run a forum. I know how to do WFF events and so on. My works l Tick ©
  2. declined

    1. Introduce yourself: My name is Yusuf , im 19 years old , im from Azerbaijan,Baku, my nicknames in game : Neocortex,MooN. 2. Your MTA history: i was first play turkish freeroam servers and next i saw dd server and i think it will be interest and i keep playing DD. 3. Have you ever been in any other clans?: [MG] - Left, [ND] - Kick , [HSS] - Kick , -Hs- - Closed , wF| - Closed , [Story] - Left , [SS] - Left , -mLC - Left , [EP] - Kicked , nRu// - Left , [NFS] - Left , [AL] - Closed 4. Why should we choose you?: i think i good playing dd can help on cw's. 5. How can we contact you?: My skype is yusif.rehmanzade. 6. Special skills: i can't do anything but i can make weebly web :d