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  1. I think you as clan war video recorder. Good luck!
  2. Good job buddy :)
  3. We know who you are :P Thank you for sharing your life story. :) by the way, nice maps ;D
  4. Hey all. Today, i present my created last three maps. And you can download from bottom of video. I hope you will like INEFFABLE DOWNLOAD INCANDESCENCE DOWNLOAD RESTLESS DOWNLOAD
  5. I remember you from DG, you were invited me in clan, but I didn't have money to join xD anyway good luck!
  6. Of course you can help us in clan wars and tournaments, everyone can lol Good luck.
  7. "I can drink 4 liters of water in one day." best special skill I've seen. anyway, good luck ;)
  8. when you open this section , you will see a box like this. Another way: 1 - Select your text 2 - click on "Link" button again. 3 - import your link. Click on Images, if you can't see clearly.
  9. hello Dimitar, welcome! Enjoy your stay.
  10. welcome! enjoy your stay.
  11. hello Alin, welcome aboard!
  12. First# Great news!, hope we are will be together to prepare next news! :)
  13. Nice "2st" join request, good luck