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  1. Good job buddy :)
  2. We know who you are :P Thank you for sharing your life story. :) by the way, nice maps ;D
  3. I remember you from DG, you were invited me in clan, but I didn't have money to join xD anyway good luck!
  4. Hey all. Today, i present my created last three maps. And you can download from bottom of video. I hope you will like INEFFABLE DOWNLOAD INCANDESCENCE DOWNLOAD RESTLESS DOWNLOAD
  5. Of course you can help us in clan wars and tournaments, everyone can lol Good luck.
  6. "I can drink 4 liters of water in one day." best special skill I've seen. anyway, good luck ;)
  7. when you open this section , you will see a box like this. Another way: 1 - Select your text 2 - click on "Link" button again. 3 - import your link. Click on Images, if you can't see clearly.
  8. hello Dimitar, welcome! Enjoy your stay.