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  1. que bonito
  2. Everyone can help can be even watching the team but I help playing by making points. XD gets the hint
  3. la concha de tu madre
  4. teamo
  5. 1. Introduce yourself: Hello guys, my name is Fernando Garcia, I am 18 years old, resident of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2. Your MTA history: I started to play in the 2008 GTA.RU Server MTA, where started by old school maps easy to provide such fun. In 2009 I found out there was a bit more difficult maps than those with which I was used to, in the beginning was bad because the mechanics were quite different. The following year I started to get interested in more complex maps, I spent hours practicing (I still do) until you pass map by map. Over the years I joined a clan, in 2014-2015 ~ | SWC-Skills without Control was the first group to which I was accepted, I would very much like to have there constantly practice and great players, to me was a family until today I am their friend. Shortly after felt disheartened by the game until you decide to do a brief pause. In 2016 I went back to work, very focused, constant further trainings to take back the skills they had acquired in the previous year. During this period I was just practicing without going into any community, even that in 2017 the clan-sK-Skilled Gaming was reopened, I became interested because I always was a good clan and had my Brazilian friends, stayed for 6 months until you notice that everything was stopped, I forced to take the decision to leave, unfortunately the clan closed soon after because the owner had closed with the mta. When I joined the -Furious Racing Seven gave me very well with everyone, I got 4 months of correspondence with everybody, but at one time I noticed that the members were discouraged, and even helping giving tips, trying to '' shake up '' the situation has not improved, it turns out didn't work until the clan has decided to terminate the activities. 3. Have you ever been in any other clans?: Skills Without Control ~|SwC- (Had stopped playing, however I was expelled for inactivity.) Skilled Gaming -sK- (Out, because the clan was very inactive.) Furious Racing Seven [FR7] (Out, because the clan was very inactive.) 4. Why should we choose you?: I want to be part of a team so good, experienced, because I think it's up to me. I'm recognized learn with the community, improve my socializing with people of other nationalities, and improve my skills with lessons that will be learned. 5. How can we contact you?: Skype: feenandoo01 *6. Special skills: Can I help in tournaments WFF, can be very useful in clanwars. I'm an active person playing about 5-6 hours a day.#VAMO
  6. gl :D