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  1. Good friends, I came here to tell you all that I'm saying goodbye to the clan. Reason is simple I can not play DM WFF Nothing because my pc does not help, I'm playing with a horrible FPS with 15-20 not to anything I can do. I hope to return to play with you but forward when I buy a better PC, And hope our friendship continues ^^ And I'm also well below the level of UP, I'm really not playing well and I do not deserve to be in a good clan equal to UP, I consider you all a family, I hope to return to play with you, I love all Sorry, my english is very bad.
  2. Niceee
  3. Good Luck !!!
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  9. Good Luuuck !!!
  10. Good Luck!!!! Nice JR
  11. Good Luck Bro Nice JR
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    Good Luck !!! :)