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Everything posted by OnweD

  1. Hey UP community i'm looking for a partner to continue this map,deco and track
  2. If you have any tips on how I can improve the map, tell me.
  3. As i said,good map filho da puta,just improve more on track and deco :3
  4. Nice to meet you ZeeT,welcome :)
  5. Ye bois :DD
  6. Awesome photos :D,good luck
  7. Aaaaaaaaaa,good luck GameX <3
  8. LyCry don't stop :v,good map
  10. This discussion will not end in anything, everyone will have their opinion and no one will change that,Just stop with this discussion.Well played SHC
  11. Hey my best nolifer,good luck kid :3
  12. Looks nice :D
  13. Good luck disaster,good jr ^^
  14. Some day,i'll do it,thanks for sharing this,someone who likes a little cooking may like it,like me :3
  15. Tenta atirar sem andar,e parar de puxar tanto a faca, também evitar de recarregar sempre,pode te ajudar a melhorar xd
  16. GATAO
  17. !:(
  19. Name: OnweDAny one Alphabet/Character: OID: 3
  20. Good luck nebla,i Hope you back someday.