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  2. [DM]OnweD - vol.3 - ???

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  4. Good job
  5. Well,it's time to talk about myself,my real name is Bráz,Nickname OnweD,(CheetoS -old nick),i'm live in Brazil specifically in Ouro Preto - Minas Gerais,i'm have 18 years old,i'm do not have specific hobbies,but u can considerer something like football,gym,whatever,i'm a very friendly person,this is it :b My mta carrer: Start in 2012/2013,as many,in freeroam sv,playing with my friend,later,4 or 5 months,we finds a new server and we started playing only on that server,called Twisted Gamers ( -|TG|- ),playing only fun,race,shooter/capture the frag,a few months later,we decided to play DM/OS because a lot of people in server were playing,and in 2015,we started playing DM,finally and i'm playing until today About the clans: [XP] Xtreme Players,it was a clan where i did not have so many friends,i did not talk to everyone,and when some people left,it made me want left. GzK\ Grizfolk Gaming,was a clan more than friends,where i stayed a long time and made me continue playing even wanting to stop playing,this same clan,changed several times,to |FR| Furious Racing,'7s Seven Seal's NbD:// Never Back Down,i do not have much to talk about,bcs the clan closed fast,but it had a good interaction with the members uP! United Players,i do not remember anything of this,because i had a quick experience with the clan [Bw] Brothers World,was a great clanan opportunity to help the server,the team,and also interaction with the members were great [XF] xTreme Forces,the same thing about bw,went with xf,i had enough space in the 2 times,went through it and was amazing /AiR\ Awesome in Races,one of the clans where i stayed longer,and it allowed me to meet some peoples from past clans,besides that most of this clan,i created a great friendship ,it was incredible My ready maps I did because i have nothing better to do now,so :b OnweD / CheetoS
  6. Great maps, I hope to do something like some of them soon
  7. Good luck,VAMOO
  8. Nice to meet you,welcome !
  9. Nce jr,good luck
  10. 1st welcome,and..,you're mapper,rigth? i see this nick "TroY" in one map on TG servers,os map,idk what,but..welcome (Srry for my bad english,i'll make it better in next time)
  11. Helloo,stop smoking and drink and go back to play football it's a nice sports to play. xd,nice to meet you
  12. What a opening,plsss
  13. Good luck,nice maps
  14. Good luck arelix,it will be great to be in another clan with you again,i hope so
  15. Good luck francis