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  1. for a v1 its awesome, i really like it, you just need improve your decoration.
  2. Nice to see my old team mate here <3 welcome!
  3. Im thankful for everything you did for us, you was competitive and loyal till the end, you have potential to join any clan in this game, your behavior dont helps you but im sure you will get better at this side.
  4. He is Ab3dy xd
  5. omm brositoo :3
  6. uff Well played.
  7. Accepted. Date & Time will be discussed as soon possible,
  8. Introduction Hello community. It's the 4th time we are here to notice you of all the things that are going on in our community. We can see we are evolving everyday and we really work hard for it, today we will notice you some actualization's for our clan, new trials and promotions, and of course we can't forget to talk about our clan wars played and upcoming. Stay tuned and enjoy! Promotions After a long month we feel that we are ready to promote our current trials. We want to say thanks to everyone who was helping our clan with different aspects, Dilow, Azooz, Flame, Temptation, SaR, Epo, Blind, Hozwks, Vans, Shondex and PoweR are promoted to full member, congratulations! Trials With the most points in our recent voting, they deserve a spot in our clan, and they will have one month of trial period to prove themselves and show us they have the potential to become a full member into this clan. Welcome to: Torque|UP CssMartin|UP Spacy|UP Shooter Squad Since our clan wants to be active in all modes of this game, we decided to open a shooter squad. At the start there was some doubt, but our fist clan war made us sure about it, and our squad showed us their potential and competence when winning vs -ffs-For fuck sake, one of the most respected squads in Shooter mode, with a score of 12 - 10. It was a amazing match. Later we accepted the request from -fts-Fuck the System. The cw was intense and both teams showed their interest in winning, it's clear when we see the final score of 14-10. As you might know, SprayCaN left us, and we needed to accepted a player for completion of the squad and to replace our old member, then with some discussions we decided to accept illvesion and isGh, congratulations guys! Unlimited Power 12 - 10 For Fuck Sake Unlimited Power 14 - 10 Fuck The System Unlimited Power 7 - 13 The Crew DD Squad They won clan wars, showed competence and loyalty till the end. They represented the clan well, but it's time to say goodbye to our team mates. Sadly after some leavings in our DD section, we decided to close it without prevision to make it alive again. We can't talk about this squad without saying thanks to Violent, Krime and Diesel, they did a great job when no one believed, they won important wars with amazing team work, so thank you guys! Clan wars After Tsw cancelled the match one day before our clan war, we decided to challenge some other clans for a DM match. 3R and FoXX accepted our request and we decided to play at the 4th of august. In a match with some troubles and a discussion, a player with high ping got some warnings and they wouldn't want to replace him. Then the referees decided to ban him because of insults, it happened when the score was 11 - 5 in our favor and 3R decided to leave the server making the final score 15 - 5 for UP. The cw started with a point to 3R but we focused on it and started winning rounds in hunter fights, since we did 2 points the cw was in our favor till the end. On the 11th of august we faced FoXX and we are glad to notice you that we won the clanwar without much effort, we did 11 - 4 when they did 5 points. Unlimited Power 15 - 5 3lite Racers Unlimited Power 11 - 9 Force Out Xtreme Unlimited Power 10 - 10 Small Hustlers Crew Leavings Sadly this month some of our members decided to leave us, as a family it's really hard to just ignore one leaving here. We are thankful for their work here, they represented our team since the start but sadly had to leave, they are: SprayCaN, Violent, Diesel, Krime, Lycry, Krew (retired) Swindex (Banned) Good luck in future guys, you still have a family in this game. At last we are doing good, with some problems but it will make our team better, UP is improving everyday and its an amazing thing for us. Members with dedication and respect for this tag, now a personal opinion by me (Every). I never expected to have a really awesome family like this, I'm thankful to be leader of this team. For sure I have much things to learn and I'm doing my best for it, we can do it guys VAMO! Unlimited Power Leadership.
  9. In my world it is called 'fake'' xd
  10. Why u wasnt at roster or using tag?
  11. Some days ago i asked you if you was in any clan, and i invited you, you said about wont join any clan because retired. My point is, u was hidden, or something, it is like faking, u just dont changed you nickname xd
  12. Read it again, i said he isnt fake, i said he was playing like a fake, joining SHC for play a war, he played in Vultaic one day before this war without tag, joined cw server without tag, and added when it started.
  13. Hello community, im here to tell you what happaned in our war against SHC, first of all, i need say sorry for my team for being mad, it makes me talk shits, anyways i saw the problem and i was the only indignant about what SHC did, Lemme explain since the start, we accepted the clan war 2 weeks ago and i asked Apollo his team, he said Apollo, Tomba, Natze, Napalm, Kevin, everything good till now, i check theyr roster and forum, was everything clean, during the clan war a guy name ''...'' was playing in SHC team, when this clanwar started he added his nick as SHC//NesoN and said he was SHC member, till now he wasnt at forum/roster,then i asked Tomba about it, he just said ''its a tatic make a hidden member''. after we said it what happaned? they added NesoN at roster (xd) Well, NesoN never use SHC tag in any server, its obviously he joined to play one war, isnt the first time clans do it against us, maybe its our fault accept cw vs small clans, but it wasnt fair, thats my opnion, Everything i said, havent any intervention of my clan, its my personal opnion.