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  1. nice news
  2. Very skilled bro gl with it :)
  3. Good map bro lal
  4. Very likely one, nice
  5. Good luck mate :3
  6. Well written @Every
  7. Good luck
  8. Introduce yourself: My name is Martin,in-game Arelix.I'm 14 years old,I was born in Hungary, but I moved to Germany 2 years ago, then I live in Rosenheim. In my freetime I like to play MTA,CS:GO or go out and play football with my friends. Your MTA history: Firstly I want to say,I'm not man of the words,I sorry about it.I'm started playing with MTA in 2014, First time I founded gamemode DD. First server which I really liked in this gamemode and I played there for years was SSXCORE. This server was the biggest Hungarian FDD server in this time but after I had boring in this. I had search for another good gamemode which is for me.At the beginning 2017 found I gamemode DM,and the first DM Server which was Hungarian DM/DD Server.This server was very default but I really liked play on this. First times I just had to try finish OS maps.I remember it was very hard, but after I had it. After I had learned OS mode, I started play in DM aswell.But after 7-8 months the Server has been closed. After I wanted to search more DM servers.Then I found a lot of good servers and one of the best was Xtreme pro Racers for me.Where I play today aswell too.After I found the [XF](xtreme Force) clan/server.I Have taked a JR there and I have been accepted here. I was happy about I'm in a official DM clan.But sadly this has closed after ca. 1,5 months.End of 2017 have I found -sK- (Skilled Gaming) server.It was a notbad clan but after ca.1 month have this clan a bit inactived.Then the clan has closed.In this time has Monsta invited me to Sc*(Skillers Crew).And I have started playing in MIKI where Sc* plays aswell.Later I decided to stop playing on MIKI,this mean I left from Sc* too.In the end of January have I found /AiR\ (Awesome in Races) clan and I have a JR writed to here.I have accepted.But I have leaved from here for a couple of reasons.Later I taked a JR back into Sc* and I accepted for trial.Little time after I become a DM-Squad Leader.And in this time had I play my first ever Clan War against #BHD! in WFF gamemode.A bit I leaved from there again.Then I taked a Join Request to [GoD] Gladiators of Darkness, It wasn't bad time, I have earned friends of there from the clan and from the server too.After I have been invited to spiderZ! and I have accepted it.But after 2-3 weeks had the clan bit died because the leader didn't care about it. Have you ever been in any other clans?: xTreme Force [XF] (Member, Closed) Skilled Gaming -sK- (Trial, Closed) Awesome in Races /AiR\ (Member, Left) Skillers Crew Sc* (Member,DM-Squad Leader, Left) Gladiators of Darkness [GoD] (Member, Left) spiderZ! sZ! (Member, Left) Why should we choose you?: I think I'm not bad, therefore I could help in Clan Wars.I'm friendly person. How can we contact you?: Discord: Arelix#6613 Skype: live:szabone0520 Special skills: I'm learning WFF gamemode in the moment, this mean I can be usefull in this gamemode. Thank you for Reading My Join Request! Have a nice day! :) Best regards, Arelix
  9. Good luck bro :D
  10. Close it please.
  11. Very nice job! I very like it :)
  12. Good luck mate :)
  13. Nice news! :)
  14. Good luck :)