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  1. Close it please.
  2. Very nice job! I very like it :)
  3. Good luck mate :)
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  6. Introduce yourself: My real name is Martin,in-game Arelix, or ARLX. I'm 14 years old, I was born in Hungary but I have to moved to Germany then I live in a small city, called Rosenheim.My hobby is playing football out with my friends. Your MTA history: First thing,my "career" is not so long but I try to tell my important moments in MTA.I'm started playing with MTA in 2015, and the first times I found some gamemodes in this game.These were new me but after a while I got bored in this gamemodes.I started found new gamemodes.I found end of 2015 the gamemode Destruction Derby(DD) and I really liked it. But after a while I have been very bored with this and I started found new gamemodes again. At the beginning 2017 found I gamemode DM, and I really liked it.In first time I have a half year just on a Hungarian DM/DD server played but a time ago I had a feeling to search more popular servers in MTA. In this time have I found FFS Gaming and it was not so boring.I have played there ca. 1-2 month but later i had on this server boredom. After I wanted to search more DM servers.Then I found a lot of good servers and one of the servers which I have been liked was the Xtreme pro Racers for me.In this time have I found the [XF](xtreme Force) clan/server.I Have taked a JR there and I have been accepted here.It was a South American clan which mean in this clan was Brasilian and Chilean members,and I was the one player in this clan which has played from Europe,then I have left from there. End of 2017 have I found -sK- (Skilled Gaming) server and I was really happy about to I have joined here.It was a notbad clan but after ca.1 month have this clan a little bit inactived.In this time has Monsta invited me to Sc*(Skillers Crew). But I have left from there because in this time have I haven't so many times played on miki, and in this time have I really not liked this server.In the end of January have I found /AiR\ (Awesome in Races) clan and I have a JR writed to here.I have accepted and I was happy about I'm in a not bad clan.But I have leaved from here for a couple of reasons. Have you ever been in any other clans?: xTreme Force [XF] (Member) Skilled Gaming -sK- (Trial) Awesome in Races /AiR\ (Member) Skillers Crew Sc* (DM-Squad Leader) Why should we choose you?: I'm very good at Clan Wars, I want to show my best for this clan. How can we contact you?: Skype: peonzasgyerek22 Instagram: E-Mail: [email protected] Facebook: Facebook: Special skills: I playing WFFs.And I'm not bad in Hunter too. Thank you for Reading my Join Request! Have a nice day! :) Arelix.
  7. Good luck broo