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  1. ACCEPTED Contact me via skype or discord: skype: xweekend. Discord: icetea#1327
  2. 1. Introduce yourself: First of all Hola to every one whos reading this :D Well leme start with my IG name, its ^IceTea. Im 19 Years old and im from Germany, Bavaria but i was born in the beautyfull land of Belarus. Well i dont have many hobbys expect playing football, MTA and hanging with my squad(skrrrrrrrrrr). I dont know what to write here anymore so dont bother to ask if you want some more :p 2. Your MTA history: Since you dont want to have the Ghoette Faust of the MTA history i will keep it short. I started playing MTA in 2015 but i played DM before MTA on SAMP in a server called New Dawn, uhm that was in 2013-2015. After the closing of ND i tried myself on FFS but i didnt liked their autob system so i found ER for me (jesus i miss this server) Since i played on ER my skills kinda changed to the good ( mostly cause im hanging 5 hours in a train server to finish this bitch ass hdm maps) and i joined a few clans(you will see them below). And after WFF became that popular i decided to lose some weight and be faster. Im not the best in WFF but my progress is going well ^^ And now im playing only on TFF or XpR and maybe sometimes on FFS 3. Have you ever been in any other clans?: uE! -> the clan got closed after S!lentz went inactive mP -> it also got closed after a lose against TG... /AiR\ -> i left it because most of the members also left and it was about to close too... iES -> left it cause of the same reason as AiR UP (thats why this strange Title) -> got closed i gues you guys know the reason mP -> left it cause our leader went inactive without informing us and 2 co-leader decided to leave it aswell so the clan stayed without any leadership and i decided to leave it before it gonna close again 4. Why should we choose you?: You should choose me for my awesomeness ! k no... Well i can be very usefull in CWs doesnt matter if DM or WFF. Im also a friendly person so you could share everything with me and also make every kind of jokes so im UP for everything *huehue* I can also promote the clan with my Maps (yes i can map) and im still learing how to be a good recorder so this would be usefull aswell. 5. How can we contact you?: xweekend. dont forget to add the dot :d *6. Special skills: BEST BLOWJOBER OF THE WESTCOAST, sorry no videos of my work (FSK 18).
  3. Glad to see you guys back, much love