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  1. nice one ,good luck ma boy
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    Hi! Well, introduce myself, iam ;name is Alan, I'm an Algerian web developer currently in the process of launching a simple e-commerce site with shopify at, also studying a Bachelor's of Information Technology at university and looking for work as I'm approaching my final year - no noteworthy projects as of yet, but working with two clients! Been working with web development since I was about 13, dabbled a little bit with C++, Java, Python, Lua and C# but found none as enjoyable and "flowy" as web technologies! I met my first computer when I was about sixteen, and it was a TRS80 who taught me some gwbasic. Later, I came across another machine using QBasic and gave that a whirl. Being somewhat set in my ways, basic was it for me until I was roughly twenty-five, when all of the sudden I wanted to look at how to do stuff online. I was a clueless newb, but I looked up this thing called HTML and said, hey, I'll give that a try. Then along comes HTML4, and I think, wow, I'd better step up my game, and what's this javascript thing? So now, of course, I'm an old-school person once again going "what's this HTML5 thing". Mostly I do okay, I can throw together a page as long as it doesn't require too many fancy things. NOW I'm stuck because I want to know how to create a membership with login and attach a database to it, and I'm like, What's this PHP thing? and how do I make heads or tails out of this weird SQL stuff? I could really use some formal training, but I'm sort of glued to my desktop ghosting steamy romance books, plus I have a physical issue as well as lack of funds to go to school. So, what does a self-starting, fly by the seat of your pants, know a whole lot but not nearly enough kind of gal do to get it all down? Suggestions would be helpful.... ;)
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