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    UPNews #1 | We are Back!

    By Banshee,



    First of all, welcome to our new forum! We have reopened our doors on Friday, the 4th of May. Lead by @Every, @RemTek and me @Banshee, we're ready to deliver to you, a competent team, on stand-by to be helpful and overall skillful.


    clanwars (1).png

    Since our reopening we haven't been sitting around, twiddling our thumbs. As mentioned above, we aim to maintain a skillful team, and I think our clan war results will back that up. Our DD squad, managed by @Matrex, has seen some action already, with 27 played wars. Out of these 27 wars, we have achieved 20 wins. But of course, you can't win every time, and thus we had 2 draws, and 5 losses. We're not done yet though, and we currently have 2 planned clan wars. One against LT (La Tropica) with WFF mode, and one against US (Unforgettable Stars). Our WFF squad will be managed by @Equip. We wish our competitors good luck and fun in the upcoming wars.



    On another note, we are also glad to mention that @Anony will be providing a server to play on in the near future. To start, it will be a simple MGM, with 3 game modes, Deathmatch, Hunter and Training. Our focus will be a smooth and enjoyable experience. For now we can't tell you more, so stay tuned.


    Join Request.png

    Having updated you, we hope that you're ready to stick around. Our join requests are open for those interested. If you do wish to join us, please check out our template first. Also note that we are looking for mature people with good English knowledge, but skills will help your chances as well, since we're still building up our squads. Good luck to those who are trying to join, and don't give up the first time!.


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