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    OnweD maps

    Hi,today i've been showing two of my ready maps,called Nature Overflow and Spirit Of Things,i hope you like it! (Palm script does not work on video,but,enjoy!)
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    it's me Troybo!

    Hello Dear Community Hello, My real name is Mohammed, Also known as TroyBo!,I was born in the 12th of June 2006, Im 11 years old joining 12, i'm from Israel, I was born in a city called Nazareth, But now im currently living in a small Village called " Ber-Al Maksur - Mukman ", My favorite hobby is swimming. MTA career: I don't know from where i should start, Okey, I started to play this game since 2013, I started to play in Freeroam server, FaF & Tokyo Drift and etc..., Days on, I got bored from these servers, and i decide to move to another server, then i moved to -ffs- [For Fuck Sake], I started to play in the " PTP ", Day by day, Also i got bored from it, then i moved to the Shooter gamemode, I felt happy because of the new gamemode, I started to play Beta, I was such a newbie, I didn't know how to shooter and etc..., days on, i learnd some, i became good, months ago, i became a pro at shooter, And then i decide to move to the DM [DeathMatch], I was camping always to get a win & pints , One day i tried to play well, But useless.. Then i started to train hard, day by day, Im getting better and better, after months, i became a real dm'er, Then my cousin told my brother about server called 3R [3liteRacers], And then i got banned from -ffs- because of sharing accs with my cousins & brother, And then i moved to 3R, And i learnd about dm more and more and more, then i moved to US|' And Played A Nice Clan War TfF it was nice clanwar. i got a youtube channel too My Youtube Channel : -TroYBo! or TroY :P
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    JR by IceTea the 2st?

    1. Introduce yourself: First of all Hola to every one whos reading this :D Well leme start with my IG name, its ^IceTea. Im 19 Years old and im from Germany, Bavaria but i was born in the beautyfull land of Belarus. Well i dont have many hobbys expect playing football, MTA and hanging with my squad(skrrrrrrrrrr). I dont know what to write here anymore so dont bother to ask if you want some more :p 2. Your MTA history: Since you dont want to have the Ghoette Faust of the MTA history i will keep it short. I started playing MTA in 2015 but i played DM before MTA on SAMP in a server called New Dawn, uhm that was in 2013-2015. After the closing of ND i tried myself on FFS but i didnt liked their autob system so i found ER for me (jesus i miss this server) Since i played on ER my skills kinda changed to the good ( mostly cause im hanging 5 hours in a train server to finish this bitch ass hdm maps) and i joined a few clans(you will see them below). And after WFF became that popular i decided to lose some weight and be faster. Im not the best in WFF but my progress is going well ^^ And now im playing only on TFF or XpR and maybe sometimes on FFS 3. Have you ever been in any other clans?: uE! -> the clan got closed after S!lentz went inactive mP -> it also got closed after a lose against TG... /AiR\ -> i left it because most of the members also left and it was about to close too... iES -> left it cause of the same reason as AiR UP (thats why this strange Title) -> got closed i gues you guys know the reason mP -> left it cause our leader went inactive without informing us and 2 co-leader decided to leave it aswell so the clan stayed without any leadership and i decided to leave it before it gonna close again 4. Why should we choose you?: You should choose me for my awesomeness ! k no... Well i can be very usefull in CWs doesnt matter if DM or WFF. Im also a friendly person so you could share everything with me and also make every kind of jokes so im UP for everything *huehue* I can also promote the clan with my Maps (yes i can map) and im still learing how to be a good recorder so this would be usefull aswell. 5. How can we contact you?: xweekend. dont forget to add the dot :d *6. Special skills: BEST BLOWJOBER OF THE WESTCOAST, sorry no videos of my work (FSK 18).
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    Francis's Join Request

    Introduce yourself: Hi, my name is Francisco, and at play, my name is Francis and sometimes I get Owen and I am 16 years old and I am a baseball player. Your MTA history: Well, I Really Wanted To Play MTA When I Saw My Brother @Richardx And I Was Jealous Of Playing But I Did Not Let Me Play In FFS And After A Few Days I Started To Play As a Guest In FFS Because I Did Not Know Anything And Then I Was Learning Little By Little And Now I am Who I am Thanks For My Brother Richardx And Thus Enter To Play In FFS-GAMING. Have you ever been in any other clans?: Exe.Gaming Furious-Racing 7Team Why should we choose you?: I want to enter because I like in the clan plays in the team are good people get along with all the clans and I want to get into that team for a long time I like how I like how they play and who are active players And I also want to join UP because I wanted to join them a long time ago and because they are good in many game modes. How can we contact you?: Skype: Francis47 Discord: Francis#6239 Special skills: Good in those specialties mine are of hunter and DM and the majority of hunter. PS: I hope I do well in this jr! With love and affection francis.
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    Arelix's Join Request

    Introduce yourself: My real name is Martin,in-game Arelix, or ARLX. I'm 14 years old, I was born in Hungary but I have to moved to Germany then I live in a small city, called Rosenheim.My hobby is playing football out with my friends. Your MTA history: First thing,my "career" is not so long but I try to tell my important moments in MTA.I'm started playing with MTA in 2015, and the first times I found some gamemodes in this game.These were new me but after a while I got bored in this gamemodes.I started found new gamemodes.I found end of 2015 the gamemode Destruction Derby(DD) and I really liked it. But after a while I have been very bored with this and I started found new gamemodes again. At the beginning 2017 found I gamemode DM, and I really liked it.In first time I have a half year just on a Hungarian DM/DD server played but a time ago I had a feeling to search more popular servers in MTA. In this time have I found FFS Gaming and it was not so boring.I have played there ca. 1-2 month but later i had on this server boredom. After I wanted to search more DM servers.Then I found a lot of good servers and one of the servers which I have been liked was the Xtreme pro Racers for me.In this time have I found the [XF](xtreme Force) clan/server.I Have taked a JR there and I have been accepted here.It was a South American clan which mean in this clan was Brasilian and Chilean members,and I was the one player in this clan which has played from Europe,then I have left from there. End of 2017 have I found -sK- (Skilled Gaming) server and I was really happy about to I have joined here.It was a notbad clan but after ca.1 month have this clan a little bit inactived.In this time has Monsta invited me to Sc*(Skillers Crew). But I have left from there because in this time have I haven't so many times played on miki, and in this time have I really not liked this server.In the end of January have I found /AiR\ (Awesome in Races) clan and I have a JR writed to here.I have accepted and I was happy about I'm in a not bad clan.But I have leaved from here for a couple of reasons. Have you ever been in any other clans?: xTreme Force [XF] (Member) Skilled Gaming -sK- (Trial) Awesome in Races /AiR\ (Member) Skillers Crew Sc* (DM-Squad Leader) Why should we choose you?: I'm very good at Clan Wars, I want to show my best for this clan. How can we contact you?: Skype: peonzasgyerek22 Instagram: E-Mail: [email protected] Facebook: Facebook: Special skills: I playing WFFs.And I'm not bad in Hunter too. Thank you for Reading my Join Request! Have a nice day! :) Arelix.
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    OnweD maps

    V2 Rajãoooo
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    OnweD maps

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    Hi! Well, introduce myself, iam ;name is Alan, I'm an Algerian web developer currently in the process of launching a simple e-commerce site with shopify at, also studying a Bachelor's of Information Technology at university and looking for work as I'm approaching my final year - no noteworthy projects as of yet, but working with two clients! Been working with web development since I was about 13, dabbled a little bit with C++, Java, Python, Lua and C# but found none as enjoyable and "flowy" as web technologies! I met my first computer when I was about sixteen, and it was a TRS80 who taught me some gwbasic. Later, I came across another machine using QBasic and gave that a whirl. Being somewhat set in my ways, basic was it for me until I was roughly twenty-five, when all of the sudden I wanted to look at how to do stuff online. I was a clueless newb, but I looked up this thing called HTML and said, hey, I'll give that a try. Then along comes HTML4, and I think, wow, I'd better step up my game, and what's this javascript thing? So now, of course, I'm an old-school person once again going "what's this HTML5 thing". Mostly I do okay, I can throw together a page as long as it doesn't require too many fancy things. NOW I'm stuck because I want to know how to create a membership with login and attach a database to it, and I'm like, What's this PHP thing? and how do I make heads or tails out of this weird SQL stuff? I could really use some formal training, but I'm sort of glued to my desktop ghosting steamy romance books, plus I have a physical issue as well as lack of funds to go to school. So, what does a self-starting, fly by the seat of your pants, know a whole lot but not nearly enough kind of gal do to get it all down? Suggestions would be helpful.... ;)
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    UPNews #1 | We are Back!

    Well written, and GOUP<3
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    UPNews #1 | We are Back!

    First# Great news!, hope we are will be together to prepare next news! :)
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    Arelix's Join Request