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    Unlimited Power a project we run from our free time and will, all to provide you loads of fun. Having the largest playerbase compared to other similar servers on MTA is great, but it also comes with a downside - larger upkeep costs. We cannot always cover all the expenses from our pockets. Therefore, if you like what we are doing, and would like to see our community being online and growing in the future, you can help us out financially. The less we have to worry about gathering the money to pay for the servers, the more free time we have to create new and epic things you can enjoy.

    $15.00 of $200.00 goal reached.
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    • afou einai 11 xronwn ti perimeneis? egw sta 11 epaiza me playmobil kai den iksera ti tha pei to pc kai autos paizei mta xD
    • Hello Dear, @SKYL1NE your join request too short. you can add more details on your join request thus we can understand you better Your MTA History Why should we choose you this join request was temporarily closed Regards,
    • This dude, he would be the last person on earth that I'd accept in my clan. He keeps chaning clans like it's nothing, then making multiple apllications for different communities, and once he gets the chance to join, he'll leave a week later saying that his PC is broken or he got school issues. You are not yet ready to join this clan. First of all try changing your behavior, try staying clanless for more than a moth without being "inactive" and then you might realize what are you doing wrong.
    • Good luck my boy :*
    • I don't hate I just said what I think. I don't wanna fight with everyone it's just my opinion and you can think what you want. I just don't wanna a clanhoppers in chłam like Unlimited Power because it's not worth it :). I don't say about qlimax right now, I said about you. 
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